10 August 2017

Experienced martial artists and non-trained individuals alike, find krav maga empowering on all levels. Its real training for real life. Men, women, boys and girls will benefit from this self defense training that will last a life-time. Dont wait to train, train now and live a more confident life knowing the Krav Maga Self Defense System!

08 August 2017

We train you in the most modern self defense system for the street. Originating from the Israeli Defense Forces, this instintive system of personal protection will give you the confidence to handle life-threating, violent situations that may arise without warning. Dont be a victim, be ready!! Start your training now!!
Current class is being held at Montana Tactical Firearms Instruction, Inc. Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm. Contact Dustin 406-548-8714. Email krosroadkravmaga@gmail.com